Registration fee

On or before May 31, 2019

After May 31, 2019

3 free participant quotas from member institutes

(For those who have their coupon code approved)

00.00 CNY

00.00 USD

00.00 CNY

00.00 USD

Invited Guest/ Session Chairman/ Session Co-chairman/ Session Panelist

00.00 CNY

00.00 USD

00.00 CNY

00.00 USD

4th participant and onwards



1700 CNY

250 USD


2300 CNY

350 USD

2700 CNY

400 USD

After June 15, 2019

Students and post-doctoral fellows



1200 CNY

190 USD

Notes on Online Registration

  Early Bird Discount For Non- Member Participants

·  Non- Member Participants

· For those who completed the online registration and the payment of registration fee on or before May 31, 2019, are eligible for enjoying the early bird discount.

· For those who completed the online registration without completing the payment of registration fee, are not eligible for enjoying the early bird discount.

  Member institutes are entitled 3 free quotas

  · No registration fee will be required for participants who use the Coupon Code and have been granted approval.

  · If you require the Coupon Code, please contact CGCM Central Office by email at centraloffice@tcmedicine.org

  · The number of Coupon Code applied exceeded the quota allowed. In another words, there are three participants of your Industrial and

   Institutional members who have used up the three free quotas already.

  · The three free quotas will be effective only after the approval is granted by the CGCM Central Office.Results of successful application for

   three free quotas will be informed through email individually.

  Institute members-4th participant and onwards

  · Registration after May 31,2019

  Students / Post-doctoral Fellows / Travel Grant

  · Registration will begin from June 15,2019

  Payment methods


  Cancellation Terms

  In case of cancellation, a written notification must be sent to the CGCM Central Office or the Meeting Secretariat. The amount of the refunded portion of the registration fees depends on the time we receive the written notification:

 Before July 31, 2019  50% of fees paid
 After July 31, 2019  No refund

  发票 Invoice


  Foreasy C&E Planning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. , entrusted by the organizer to be responsible for collecting the registration fee and issuing

  official invoices to the participants.


  Time period for invoice distribution: August 7-10, 2019


  Venue for Invoice Collection: Registration desk

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